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Wireless Keyboard Technology
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Available worldwide
Bluetooth wireless technology specification for our member firms around the world free of charge. Many manufacturers are actively implementing this technology in their products in order to reduce the use of messy wires, seamless connections, streaming stereo, transfer data or voice communication. Bluetooth technology runs in the 2.4 GHz band, the band is a need to apply for a permit for industrial, scientific, medical (ISM) radio frequency. Because of this, using Bluetooth technology does not need to pay any fees. But you must be registered to a cellular provider using the GSM or CDMA, equipment cost, you do not need to pay any fees to use Bluetooth technology.
Equipment range
Bluetooth technology has been widely used and integrated the technology of products ranging from mobile phones to cars to medical devices, users who use the technology from the consumer and industrial markets to companies, and so on, et cetera. Low power consumption, small size and low-cost chip solution enables Bluetooth technology can be applied to small devices. In the Bluetooth product directory and component products list to see our members provide a range of products.
Easy to use
Bluetooth technology is a technology, which doesn't require fixed infrastructure, and easy to install and set up. You do not need a cable connection can be realized. New users is easy – you just need to have a Bluetooth branded product, check the available profiles, connect it to use the same configuration file to another Bluetooth device. Subsequent PIN code process is as simple as on your ATM machine operations. When you go out, you can take your personal area network (PAN), and can connect to other networks.
Specifications of the world wide
Bluetooth wireless technology on the market today support the widest, most feature-rich and secure wireless standard. Global certification program tests member products for compliance with standards. Since its release in 1999 since the Bluetooth specification, with a total of more than 4,000 companies the Bluetooth Special interest group (SIG) members. Meanwhile, doubled the number of Bluetooth products on the market is growing rapidly. Product number has been doubling for four consecutive years, the number of base stations installed at the end of 2005 could reach 500 million