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Wireless Keyboard Notes
- Dec 09, 2016 -

1, charging: any brand of Bluetooth devices charging time is 3 hours. Often see the keyboard LEDs change color on or close to power. Charging for the product for a long time, will cause serious injury.
2, if the long time does not use the wireless keyboard, preferably once a month or so to recharge devices. Lest it go dormant and built-in battery cannot be recharged.
3, the current situation most computers still do not support the wireless keyboard in the BIOS, because the computer before the operating system is not loading the driver, so can not use the wireless keyboard to change BIOS settings. Someone says my wireless keyboard is driver-free, plug can be used, why can't enter BIOS? This is because the drive doesn't mean no need to drive any hardware needs a driver, many drivers are operating system-integrated, so your drive actually going to the driver of the wireless keyboard, wireless keyboard that would explain why you did not load driver cannot use of post stage.