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Wireless Keyboard Connection Device
- Dec 09, 2016 -

While the manufacturers of equipment varies depending on the specific user interface for a device, but connecting the two devices for the first time some of the basic steps are the same. Pairing users should be kept in a secure environment.
Equipment charge
If the device is a new Bluetooth device, ensure that the connect or open before charging. Especially Bluetooth headset must be charged before use.
Device boot
Power on the need to paired devices. For some devices, such as Bluetooth wireless headphones, device power on and start the pairing process.
Turn on Bluetooth function
When you receive the device, the device's Bluetooth capabilities may have been opened or may not have been opened. For the majority of computer users need from the control panel or system preferences to open Bluetooth RF function.
The device is set to visible
As a security measure, some devices Bluetooth can be set to off, hidden, or visible. When you try to connect a device, the user equipment should be set to visible, which can be found for each other. After completing the device pairing, if users are concerned that devices was discovered by other devices, devices can be set to hidden.
Set the two devices to connect mode
When both devices are fully charged, power on the device and turn on the Bluetooth function, each device needs to initialize a communication session. Typically, when a connection between two devices, one device as the "host", while another device as a "guest". Host device is a device with a user interface, will conduct most of the connection settings. A device can be another device host, can also be used as other visitors. For example, a cell phone with wireless headset pairing, the mobile phone is the host. However, when pairing a mobile phone and laptop computer, laptop computer is the host.
Enter the password
Devices discover each other each other that the user will be asked to enter the password in one or two devices. In some cases, such as when you connect to a wireless headset, fixed password password is specified by the manufacturer for the headphones. At this point, the user needs to enter the password for this specified in a host device. Users can be found in the user manual for this password. In other cases, the user can enter his or her own password. In these cases, the two devices, the user would enter the password each time. Strongly recommends that users set for a pairing process 8-bit alphanumeric character password. After you enter the password, the device will verify and complete each other establish a trusted connection.