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Troubleshooting USB Wireless Network Adapter
- Dec 09, 2016 -

In order to ensure that the WNA detected and connected to your computer, ensure that the device is active and blinks of the LED lights. If not, then the device may not be connected to your computer. To determine if the adapter is installed on your computer, do the following:

1) right-click "my computer", select "Properties".

2) click the "hardware" tab, then click device management.

3) click on the "network adapters" next to the "+" sign-extended.

WNA names should be considered in the network adapter section. If not, then the device may be inserted into the USB port or is not installed on the computer at all.

It may also be a problem computer does not have the correct drivers to identify and manipulate WNA. Should do the following.

1) uninstall the adapter driver through "start" > "Control Panel" > "Add or remove programs", select uninstall the previous driver.

Other methods to uninstall includes the "Device Manager" or "start" > "all programs" > and select the previously downloaded driver to unload.

2) reinstall the driver for the wireless network adapter. Through the manufacturer's website to download the specific driver for the device, or download all necessary drivers for a software tool called DriverTuner, which can be done.

DriverTuner has the ability to download date and older drivers and they all meet the repairing any problems that a few clicks of the mouse driver. A powerful tool and highly recommended for any driver of the computer-related issues.

Again from the DriverTuner wireless network adapter driver is installed, restart your computer, return to Device Manager, if the driver can see there.