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Raspberry Pie The Difference Between B-and B +-
- Dec 09, 2016 -

July 2014, "raspberry B+" release, still like the BCM2835 and raspberry pie on the same system. Memory is still 512MB, but improvements have been made in the following key components:
More GPIO pins 40 pins! (Old version is 26-pin)
More USB interfaces, 2 more than the older version, 4! And hot-pluggable and overcurrent protection had improved.
Replace the old SD with Micro SD socket socket.
Lower power consumption reduces power consumption 0.5~1W.
Optimization of audio, audio circuit uses a special low noise power.
More concise form, B+ version of USB interfaces and align the edge of the circuit board, remove AV interface and do the 4 fixing holes on the motherboard, easily fixed.
Raspberry Pie 2 compared to previous generation
CPU single rate increased by 1.5 times times (up by 1.5x)
Sunspider runs up to 4 times times (4x faster)
NEON-based multicore video decode rate up to 20 times (20x faster)
SysBench multi-threaded CPU score for the legacy of the whole 6 times (6x)