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Raspberry Pie How To Start?
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Raspberry boot the system must use an SD card, but you can specify the boot after reading from a USB hard disk operating system, to "take over" the boot process. If the inserted SD card, Bramble failed to start.
Raspberry pie power switch where is it?
Boot: plug in the power plug off: unplug the power plug special remind: raspberry pie is, after all, computer! Please use the shut down command (sudo halt or halt), make sure that Linux stop all reading and writing to the SD card and then cut off the power supply! Otherwise very easy to lose data.
Raspberry pie why no real time clock?
Raspberry pie without real-time clock, could not be maintained after power off clock. Raspberries were not connected to the network of raspberry pie, need to manually set the time each time you boot. (To connect to a network, boot automatically when the network gets the time) added real-time clock clock circuits, in fact, be staggeringly expensive. Because once joined the battery on the Board, interface circuits and space will greatly push up the cost of the raspberry. If your application needs or electronic production, consider using GPIO expansion ports, their external connections in real time clock circuit.
Raspberry pie do you sell parts?
It can't be. If you do finished product while finishing parts, manual input is very large. And raspberry pie or manual welding. BGA packages chips and other tiny components on the Board, is the need to use automated production line to assemble, a soldering iron alone can't do it.