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Raspberry Pie Can Increase Memory?
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Can't. Memory is a "buckle" PoP in the CPU/GPU package, and can not be removed.
Raspberry pie XX chip manual download?
As the core of raspberry pie BCM2835, unfortunately, Broadcom does not provide a complete set of manuals. We will provide the technical documentation to illustrate the BCM2835 and raspberry pie Board resources (GPIO) and use. We will also publish the raspberry pie diagrams. But I want the hardware information XX! We will publish documents in the future. But, as a foundation decision shall prevail.
I have XX information and do not!! Give me!!
If you need to BCM2835 the full document, you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement with Broadcom chip suppliers. However, you also need to use the provided Broadcom with chip production and sales plan, and your expectations for the amount of chips. (In other words, received large quantities of business means only)
Why is raspberry not built-in hardware or XX XX interface?
Raspberry pie is for charitable purposes-we wanted to create a most basic feature cheap computer. Under the price limit, choice of hardware and interfaces, is a very difficult decision.