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How To Install A Wireless Network Adapter
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Today's computers are usually set up a wireless network adapter (WNA), the device's ability to connect to a wireless network. However, a computer is built from scratch, WNA are usually purchased separately and installed to your computer manually.

Already bought a computer, readily available, the following steps will determine if the WNA has been installed in the system:

1) click "start" > "Control Panel" > "network and Internet connections".

2) click the "Control Panel" icon under the "network connections".

3) of all the network adapters listed in the Windows XP, which is marked as "wireless network adapter wireless network connection the network connection window".

In "wireless network connection", if you are installing the adapter displays a red x, then it is not connected. If the "network connections" window is blank, then purchased a computer without installing WNA.

Without such a device, the user will not be able to set or connect to a network, such as wireless Internet. This would mean, WNA will need to be manually installed

In the case of a laptop computer and other equipment, turn on the wireless switch on one side, back or front of the solution, making a wireless connection, if the wireless network adapter is built-in.

A WNA can be installed on the computer in three ways. These are through the USB port via PC and inside through a slot on the motherboard in the computer. Two methods, namely, USB ports and PC, and can only be applied to portable devices such as notebook computers, and most of the methods with the desktop computer motherboard slots and USB ports. The following describes the three methods of the steps to be taken.