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CNC Maching Prototype Working Principle And Function
- Aug 01, 2017 -

For these beginners CNC machine tools personnel, CNC Maching Prototype to master a certain number of CNC machine tool operation skills is very important. CNC Maching Prototype On the one hand they can avoid the collision of machine tools, resulting in damage to the machine; the second is in a short period of time, CNC Maching Prototype can quickly improve the operator's CNC machine operating skills, CNC Maching Prototype competent work. In this paper, the operation of these new CNC machine tools, CNC Maching Prototype introduced some of the CNC machine tool operating skills of the theoretical knowledge, hope to just engage in the NC machine operator has some reference for the meaning.

Understand the mechanical structure of the machine: to understand the mechanical structure of the machine tool; to grasp the machine axis of the shaft distribution; more firmly grasp the machine tool axis of the positive and negative direction; to grasp the function of the machine parts and use, The principle and function of the pneumatic system, the simple principle and function of the hydraulic system. CNC Maching Prototype In addition, it is necessary to master the working principle and function of the auxiliary unit of the machine tool, such as the work of the unit, such as the magazine, CNC Maching Prototype the cooling unit, the voltage regulator, the electrical cabinet cooler Principles, functions and methods of use, as well as the working principle of various safety door locks, functions and use.

Firmly control the operation of the machine button function: know how to implement the program; CNC Maching Prototype how to suspend the program after checking the workpiece processing status, CNC Maching Prototype restore the state after the resumption of pause, how to stop the program; how to change the program after the implementation of the program, and so on.

Understand what kind of operating system you operate the machine; a simple understanding of the NC system control principles and working methods; system using what kind of working language, CNC Maching Prototype machine processing software used and the language used. CNC Maching Prototype If the operator does not understand the language or the language of the professional vocabulary do not understand, then you need professional training in the training need to seriously take notes, machine software in each vocabulary on behalf of what the Chinese meaning, CNC Maching Prototype must die Back to master, then in order to work correctly in the future use of machine tools.

In addition the operator of CNC machine tools to be very familiar with the processing procedures; what kind of procedures and operations, machine tools should be what kind of action, CNC Maching Prototype should be very familiar with. When the machine to implement the program, you can know the first time in the machine action is correct, whether the need to take braking measures. In addition, each beginner operator in the operation of the machine at the beginning of more or less fear, fear of machine tool bumps, collision occurred. CNC Maching Prototype Then only the operator in the mastery of the NC machine after the operation, to overcome the similar fear in order to learn on this basis to master the higher CNC machine operating skills.

In the process of learning programming, CNC Maching Prototype do not only focus on simulation results, more important is to learn the process of simulation processing, to understand the workpiece processing need to use what kind of tool or grinding wheel, CNC machine axis through what kind of movement trajectory completed cutting; CNC Maching Prototype In the implementation of a specific process of processing, the machine within the relevant parts of the movement of the location and direction; attention to the implementation of the processing of the axis of the direction of movement and cut into the direction, including how to feed, how to retreat, The speed and displacement of the step, the speed and displacement of the work step. In the simulation software for processing, CNC Maching Prototype pay attention to the simulation process all the parameters must be entered correctly, not because the simulation on the random input tiger trouble, this may be the result of simulation processing is not correct; CNC Maching Prototype or cause the actual processing of the collision accident, or Parts scrap. If the simulation software has anti-collision test function, then use this function, check the correctness of programming.