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CNC Maching Prototype The Request Is Getting Higher And Higher
- Jun 16, 2017 -

CNC Maching Prototype Aviation, aerospace, automotive, mold, energy equipment and other manufacturing industry product performance requirements and mass production and other aspects of its parts processing requirements are getting higher and higher. As the CNC cutting machine can achieve complex parts of high precision, high quality, CNC Maching Prototype high flexibility of processing, in the modern product parts of the mechanical processing, the use of CNC processing continues to increase.

In the ordinary CNC machine tools on the basis of the past, CNC machine tools mainly along the precision / ultra-precision CNC machine tools and high-speed machine tool development of two trajectories. In order to meet the new requirements of the workpiece material, parts geometry, precision and surface quality in the process of NC machining, and to improve the competitiveness of CNC machine tool products, from the mid-90s of the 20th century, the combination of high precision and high speed High-performance CNC machine tools have been highly valued, CNC Maching Prototype into the 21st century, high-performance cutting (High Performance Cutting) and its main support technology - virtual CNC machining (Virtual CNC Machining) technology to become the field of CNC machining scholars and engineers Concerned about the new hot spots.

The International Conference on Production Engineering (CIRP) held the first and second high-performance cutting international conferences in 2004 and 2006 respectively. The high-performance cutting technology and equipment involved in machine tool dynamics modeling, control, CAM, cutting theory, CNC Maching Prototype Milling / grinding / grinding, micro-cutting and other directions were discussed, the domestic advanced manufacturing technology held an important meeting has also been high-performance CNC machine tools and processing technology as one of the themes, it can be said that high-performance CNC machine tools R & D and its support technology research and application has become a new trend in the development of CNC machine tools.

Understand the mechanical structure of the machine: to understand the mechanical structure of the machine tool; to grasp the machine axis of the shaft distribution; more firmly grasp the machine tool axis of the positive and negative direction; to grasp the function of the machine parts and use, The principle and function of the pneumatic system, the simple principle and function of the hydraulic system. In addition, it is necessary to master the working principle and function of the auxiliary unit of the machine tool, such as the work of the unit, such as the magazine, CNC Maching Prototype the cooling unit, the voltage regulator, the electrical cabinet cooler Principles, functions and methods of use, as well as the working principle of various safety door locks, functions and use.

Firmly grasp the operation of the machine button function: know how to implement the program; how to suspend the program after checking the workpiece processing status, restore the state after the resumption of pause, how to stop the program; how to change the program after the implementation of procedures, and so on.