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CNC Maching Prototype The Installation Process
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The rationality of the machine design determines its service life and whether it can exhibit good stability and excellent handling in harsh environments. For the manufacturing and assembly process, CNC Maching Prototype it is the implementation and implementation of the designer to complete the entire manufacturing process Of a system engineering, manufacturing and assembly process determines the final static geometric accuracy and dynamic accuracy of the machine, CNC Maching Prototype for the CNC machine tool in this part is more important.

CNC gantry pentahedron machining center is the processing of box parts and complex parts of the ideal choice, but the new machine has a strict precision requirements, CNC Maching Prototype while the new machine to be installed at the user site when the accuracy of the factory and the factory pre-acceptance Accurate accuracy is difficult to achieve.

At present, this machine bed and column connection has two typical forms, one is the two columns directly connected with the bed, and through the beam connection to form the overall frame structure, which can achieve high rigidity in the strong cutting. In the process of the second installation is relatively easy to find the machine bed and the column of the mutual position, will not cause the installation of dislocation and deviation. However, in the actual application process will be due to temperature changes leaving the machine bed deformation, CNC Maching Prototype resulting in two pillars of the forward or backward situation, especially in the processing of box parts will seriously affect the accuracy of coaxial.

Machine bed and column is not directly connected to the form, the biggest advantage is to avoid the temperature problems affect the processing accuracy of the product. CNC Maching Prototype But the problem is that the machine bed and the two pillars of positioning more difficult, because the German Wadrich Coburg CNC gantry pentahedron processing center column form is rather special, irregular triangles, two columns four rails are not On the same plane, this brings great difficulties to the installation, so the use of a machine bed and the pillars of the multi-directional freedom control installation process. Control the two columns of the four guide rails and the freedom of the bed guide rail to ensure the vertical straightness of the guide rail and ensure that the bed guide rail in the center of the two columns, CNC Maching Prototype using Figure 3 of the process device, the device on both sides with two ends fixed in the column After processing the surface of the process, but also equal length of the tube, the other end of the parallel with the bed guide through the processing of the surface, and maintain an equal gap.

In the grinding found in the two ends of the dimensional accuracy is difficult to control, and the size of the tolerance is not regular, the maximum error sometimes more than 0.16m m, 16 times the technical requirements. According to the structure of the machine can be analyzed: the longer the heavier the workpiece, CNC Maching Prototype the upper table in the external force and spring force along the scale along the rotation axis as the center of the swing swing requirements are high, so in the grinding state The accuracy of the upper and lower table wobble is determined by the accuracy of the two ends of the workpiece. In the case of no regularity in dimensional tolerances,CNC Maching Prototype it was found that when the die contact of the upper table was leaned against the die, CNC Maching Prototype the base of the die was drilled due to poor rigidity, and the right side of the bed was drifting, Moving to rely on both ends of the mold when the phenomenon of drift is more serious, CNC Maching Prototype resulting in the upper table with drift, did not follow the die to do a straight line movement, resulting in the size of the two ends of the dimensional accuracy is difficult to control. CNC Maching Prototype Find the cause after taking the appropriate measures to completely solve the phenomenon of tolerance, processing products at both ends of the size of the accuracy of the error to 0.005mm.