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CNC Maching Prototype The Competitiveness Of The
- Jul 24, 2017 -

In the ordinary CNC machine tools on the basis of the past, CNC machine tools mainly along the precision / ultra-precision CNC machine tools and high-speed machine tool development of two trajectories. CNC Maching Prototype In order to meet the new requirements of the workpiece material, parts geometry, precision and surface quality in the process of NC machining, and to improve the competitiveness of CNC machine tool products, from the mid-90s of the 20th century, the combination of high precision and high speed High-performance CNC machine tools have been highly valued, CNC Maching Prototype into the 21st century, high-performance cutting (High Performance Cutting) and its main support technology - virtual CNC machining (Virtual CNC Machining) technology to become the field of CNC machining scholars and engineers Concerned about the new hot spots.

The International Conference on Production Engineering (CIRP) held the first and second high-performance cutting international conferences in 2004 and 2006 respectively. The high-performance cutting technology and equipment involved in machine tool dynamics modeling, control, CAM, cutting theory, CNC Maching Prototype Milling / grinding / grinding, micro-cutting and other directions were discussed, CNC Maching Prototype the domestic advanced manufacturing technology held an important meeting has also been high-performance CNC machine tools and processing technology as one of the themes, CNC Maching Prototype it can be said that high-performance CNC machine tools R & D and its support technology research and application has become a new trend in the development of CNC machine tools.

Metal material parts are the main object of CNC machining, a variety of steel, CNC Maching Prototype aluminum and other occupies a large proportion of titanium alloy, high temperature alloy also has a certain proportion of metal material blank can be casting, forging, pre-stretching, CNC Maching Prototype rolling and other processes In addition, non-metallic materials (mainly composite materials and optical hard brittle materials) NC processing also showed an increasing trend.

Parts of the structure, such as car and engine box, cylinder / cylinder head, plate, shaft and other parts, aircraft wall panels, beams, boxes, ribs, margin, CNC Maching Prototype long truss and joints and skeleton structural parts, Of the leaf / leaf disc / impeller, casing, disk ring and so on. CNC Maching Prototype In addition, due to high performance, lightweight and high reliability of the design requirements, the use of the overall structure and complex surface structure of the proportion of parts greatly increased, so the parts geometric size, CNC Maching Prototype complex surface, process features, wall thickness.

Due to the characteristics of material selection and structural design, the high precision machining and machining process of the high-performance parts show high processing precision, large amount of material removal in the cutting process, large difficulty in processing deformation control, and the quality of processing, CNC Maching Prototype deformation control and processing efficiency Made a very high demand. In addition, CNC Maching Prototype the development of modern manufacturing industry to ensure that parts processing to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements.

High-performance product parts of the material, structure and process characteristics of the processing quality, efficiency, cost and environmental protection and other aspects of the higher requirements, high-performance cutting is to meet the above requirements and put forward a new concept. The so-called high-performance machining is the process of CNC machining, comprehensive consideration of machine tools, tools, CNC Maching Prototype parts, programming, processing technology and parameters and their interactions, the use of geometric simulation, mechanical simulation method, Parts - tool "process system characteristics, numerical control program, CNC Maching Prototype cutting parameters, path and other path analysis, the cutting process to conduct a comprehensive optimization, CNC Maching Prototype to achieve high quality, high efficiency, low cost and green CNC machining.

In high-performance CNC machining, high-performance CNC machine tools, high-performance cutting tools, high-performance CNC programming and simulation system (virtual CNC machining technology), CNC Maching Prototype cutting parameters and process optimization techniques and tools is its key support technology. Limited to space, this article focused on high-performance CNC machine tools and virtual CNC machining technology.