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CNC Maching Prototype Structure Composition
- Jun 30, 2017 -

CNC Maching Prototype Understand the mechanical structure of the machine: to understand the mechanical structure of the machine tool composition; to grasp the machine tool shaft distribution; more firmly grasp the machine tool axis of the positive and negative direction; to grasp the function of the machine parts and use, The principle and function of the pneumatic system, CNC Maching Prototype the simple principle and function of the hydraulic system; the other to grasp the working principle and function of the auxiliary unit of the machine tool, such as the work of the unit, such as the magazine, the cooling unit, the voltage regulator, CNC Maching Prototype the electrical cabinet cooler Principles, functions and methods of use, as well as the working principle of each safety door lock, function and use.

Firmly grasp the operation of the machine button function: know how to implement the program; how to suspend the program after checking the workpiece processing status, restore the state after the resumption of pause, CNC Maching Prototype how to stop the program; how to change the program after the implementation of procedures, and so on.

Understand what kind of operating system you are working on; how to understand the control principle and working method of the numerical control system; what kind of working language is used in the system, the software used in machine tool processing and the language of its use. CNC Maching Prototype If the operator does not understand the language or the language of the professional vocabulary do not understand, then you need professional training, training in the need to seriously take notes, CNC Maching Prototype machine software in each vocabulary on behalf of what the Chinese meaning, must die Back to master, then in order to work correctly in the future use of machine tools.

In addition, the operator also need to be trained in the general operation of the alarm to learn the language to know, to know what is meant by Chinese,CNC Maching Prototype how to solve the problem, how to eliminate false alarms. In addition, for the operator, if the energy and ability to allow it, you can learn the language to master, then improve the machine operation skills to help a lot of help.

The operator must be able to achieve the realm of practice, so in any case can be put freely; will encounter in the event of a collision or failure, the operator can correctly and timely processing problems, the operator will form a conditioned reflex , Decisive to take the means of braking.

In addition the operator of CNC machine tools to be very familiar with the processing procedures; what kind of procedures and operations, CNC Maching Prototype machine tools should be what kind of action, should be very familiar with. When the machine is running the program, you can know in the first time whether the machine action is correct, whether the need to take braking measures. CNC Maching Prototype In addition, each beginner in the operation of the machine at the beginning of more or less fear of fear, machine tool collision occurred, the collision occurred. Then only the operator in the mastery of the NC machine after the operation, CNC Maching Prototype to overcome the similar fear in order to learn on this basis to master the higher CNC machine tool operation skills.