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CNC Maching Prototype Processing Knowledge
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Many of the current domestic operators have just engaged in CNC machine tools, CNC Maching Prototype a part of the operator is very familiar with the machining, but the NC machine tool programming is relatively unfamiliar; part is just graduated students, they are familiar with the theory of machining knowledge, NC machining and programming, but lack of practical experience in machining. There are also many operators who have never been exposed to mechanical processing and programming, and they have to learn the operation of CNC machine tools, CNC Maching Prototype the difficulty is very huge.

For these beginners of numerical control machine tools, mastering certain CNC machine tool operation skills is very important. On the one hand they can avoid the machine crash accident, causing damage to the machine tool, the second can be in a relatively short period of time, CNC Maching Prototype can quickly improve the operator's CNC machine tool operation skills, competent job. This paper specifically aimed at the operators of these newly-contacted CNC machine tools, introduced some CNC machine tool operating skills of theoretical knowledge, hope to just engaged in CNC machine tool operators to have some reference to the significance.

Understand the mechanical structure of machine tools: to understand the mechanical structure of machine tools, to master the axis distribution of machine tools, but also to firmly grasp the positive and negative direction of the CNC axis of the machine tool, to master the function and use of various parts of the machine, CNC Maching Prototype such as simple pneumatic system principle and function, simple hydraulic system working principle and function In addition, we should master the working principle and function of each auxiliary unit of the machine tool, such as knife storehouse, cooling unit, voltage regulator, electric cabinet cooler and so on, the working principle, function and use method, as well as the working principle, function and use method of each safety door lock of machine tool.

Firmly grasp the operation of the Machine tool button function: Know how to execute the program, how to suspend the program after checking the status of the workpiece, CNC Maching Prototype resume the suspension after the execution of the program, how to stop the program, how to change the program after the execution of the program, and so on.

For CNC machine tool operation of beginners, collisions often occur. Often listen to others say, do not touch machine tools, schooling will not machine tool operation, this is a very wrong and harmful understanding. Machine tool impact on the accuracy of the machine tool is a great damage, for different types of machine tool influence is not the same. Generally speaking, for the rigidity of the machine tool has a greater impact, for the rigid gantry structure of the machine, under the same impact force less. If the machine tool is cantilever-type structure, and the machine tool spindle is installed on a rotating axis of the machine tool structure, CNC Maching Prototype once the machine tool collision, the accuracy of the impact of the machine is fatal. So for high-precision CNC machine tools, collisions absolutely must be eliminated. As long as the operator carefully and master a certain anti-collision methods, collisions can be completely prevented and avoided. The following tips may be helpful to the prevention of collisions by beginners in CNC machine tools.