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CNC Maching Prototype Development Trend Of
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Aircraft structural parts are the main force components of aircraft, CNC Maching Prototype the shape of the parts is related to the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft, the surrounding contour and other parts have complex assembly and coordination relations, slot cavity, thin wall, rib and high precision hole are its main structural features, and a large number of complex curved surfaces need five axes linkage NC machining, Therefore, the basic requirement of NC machining equipment for aircraft structural parts is the high precision five axis linkage. With high precision five-axis linkage processing as the characteristics of the aviation manufacturing industry is not only the high-end manufacturing level of the logo, but also a national high-end CNC innovation and development of the cradle. Therefore, all countries compete in the aviation manufacturing industry competition, CNC Maching Prototype countries CNC equipment, CNC systems, CNC knives and other enterprises are aimed at the needs of the aviation industry to put forward a dedicated solution and development planning.

Parts to the integration, large-scale development. CNC Maching Prototype Overall structure design is the main way to reduce the weight and improve the performance of aircraft, in modern aircraft design, the overall structure of the number of more and more, the size of the larger part of the development trend.

Complex parts structure, precision parts manufacturing. As the main component of the aircraft structure, not only to meet with other parts of the Assembly coordination relationship, as well as its own structure dimension accuracy, parts weight and other requirements. The result of the development of the aircraft structural parts dimension to a larger direction is that the structure of the parts is more complex, CNC Maching Prototype and the large monolithic structure has been integrated into the parts of the peripheral connecting segments, and the structure of the ear plate with high-precision assembly holes appears on the whole component. In addition, when the size of the parts becomes larger, the dimension precision of the parts processing improves, the edge strip thickness, the abdomen plate thickness is thinner, the corner radius, the angle radius is smaller, the slot cavity depth, CNC Maching Prototype the edge bar height is bigger, causes the part manufacture precision and the manufacture difficulty greatly enhances, coupled with the massive assembly high precision hole the appearance, So accurate manufacturing will be the key technology of future aircraft structural parts NC machining. The precision machining of large aircraft structural parts will be a challenge to the CNC machine tool industry, to improve the structural characteristics and thermal stability of CNC machine tools, CNC Maching Prototype to control the environmental temperature, processing status and other uncertain factors to improve the machining accuracy will be the focus of the machine tool manufacturing and aviation industry.

Part material diversification. With the high speed and high maneuverability of modern aircraft, it has been widely used in aircraft design with a series of outstanding advantages such as high strength, good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and gradually becomes the main material of aircraft structure, such as titanium alloy and composite materials. From the main material distribution map of the American warplanes, CNC Maching Prototype it is found that modern aircraft materials have changed from aluminum alloy to aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, composite material, and the composite material and titanium alloy have been further expanded, for example, the proportion of composites in A350 and Boeing 787 has reached more than 50%.