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CNC Maching Prototype Automation
- Jul 11, 2017 -

CNC machine tools are digital control machine (Computer numerical control machine tools) for short, CNC Maching Prototype is a program control system with automatic machine tools.

The control system can logically process a program with control codes or other symbolic instructions and decode it, CNC Maching Prototype digitally represented by code, CNC Maching Prototype and input to the numerical control device through the information carrier.

Through the arithmetic processing by the numerical control device issued a variety of control signals, control machine action, according to the drawings of the shape and size, CNC Maching Prototype automatically the parts processed out.

CNC machine tools to solve a complex, CNC Maching Prototype sophisticated, small batch, multi-species parts processing problems, is a flexible, high-performance automated machine tools, represents the development of modern machine tool control technology, is a typical mechanical and electrical integration Products.

In the mid-20th century, with the development of electronic technology, automatic information processing, data processing and the emergence of electronic computers, CNC Maching Prototype to the automation technology has brought a new concept, with digital signals on the machine movement and its processing control, to promote the machine automation development of.

The use of digital technology for mechanical processing, CNC Maching Prototype was first in the early 40s, by the United States North Michigan security of a small aircraft industry contractor Parsons Corporation (Parsons Corporation) to achieve. They use the digital electronic computer to process the wing processing path while making the frame of the aircraft and the rotating wing of the helicopter, CNC Maching Prototype taking into account the effect of the tool diameter on the machining path, resulting in a machining accuracy of ± 0.0381 mm (± 0.0015in), reached the highest level at the time.

CNC machine tools and the initial use of CNC milling machine is used, because the CNC machine tools to solve the general machine is difficult to do the need for contour processing curve or surface parts.

However, due to the then CNC system is used in the tube, bulky, high power consumption, CNC Maching Prototype so in addition to the use of the military sector, CNC Maching Prototype in other industries have not been used to promote.

To 1960 years later, CNC Maching Prototype point control of CNC machine tools have been rapid development. Because the point control CNC system than the contour control of the numerical control system is much simpler.

The development of CNC machine tools, CNC Maching Prototype it is worth mentioning that the processing center. This is a CNC tool with automatic tool changer, it can achieve a workpiece and a card for multi-process processing.

This machine tool is equipped with tap, drill, CNC Maching Prototype reamer, cutter and so on in the magazine, automatically selects the tool according to the instruction of the perforating belt, CNC Maching Prototype and installs the tool on the spindle through the manipulator to process the workpiece.