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CNC Maching Prototype Automatic Machine Tool
- Jun 02, 2017 -

CNC machine tool is a digital control machine (computer Numerical machine tools) abbreviation, is a program-controlled system with automatic machine tools.

The control system can logically process the program with control code or other symbolic instruction, and decode it, and use the coded digital representation to input the NC device through the information carrier.

Through the operation of the numerical control device to emit a variety of controlling signals, control the operation of the machine tool, according to the drawing requirements of the shape and size, CNC Maching Prototype automatic parts processing.

The NC machine tool solves the complex, precise, small batch and many kinds of parts processing problem well, it is a kind of flexible and high efficiency automatic machine tool, represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology, is a kind of typical electromechanical integration product.

In the middle of 20th century, with the development of electronic technology, automatic information processing, data processing and the appearance of computer, CNC Maching Prototype it brings new concept to automation technology, controls the machine tool motion and its processing process with digital signal, and promotes the development of machine tool automation.

The use of digital technology for mechanical processing, as early as the early 40, by the United States, a small aircraft industry contractor Peirson Company (Parsons Corporation) to achieve. They are in the manufacture of aircraft frame and helicopter rotation wing, the use of digital computer to the wing processing path data processing, and considering the diameter of the tool on the processing route, CNC Maching Prototype making the processing accuracy of ± 0.0381mm (± 0.0015in), reached the highest level at that time.

1952, MIT on a vertical milling machine, loaded with a set of experimental numerical control system, successfully achieved the simultaneous control of the three-axis movement. This CNC machine tool is called the world's first CNC machine tool.

This machine tool is an experimental machine, CNC Maching Prototype to November 1954, on the basis of Pelsons patent, the first industrial CNC machine tool by the United States of America, the Company (Bendix-Coopion) officially produced.

CNC machine tools in the first appearance and access to the use of CNC milling machine, because CNC machine tools can be difficult to solve the common machine tools, the need for contour machining curve or curved parts.

However, because at that time the numerical control system uses the electron tube, the volume is huge, the power consumption is high, therefore in addition to use in the military department, in other professions has not been promoted use.

After 1960 years, the CNC machine tool with point-position control has been developed rapidly. Because the point-bit control system is much simpler than the CNC system with contour control.

As a result, CNC milling machine, punching machine, coordinate boring machine development, according to statistical data show that by 1966, the actual use of about 6000 CNC machine tools, 85% is the point-bit control of the machine tool.

In the development of CNC machine tools, CNC Maching Prototype it is worth mentioning the machining center. This is a CNC machine tool with automatic tool-changing device, it can realize the workpiece one card and carry on many processes processing.

The product was originally made in March 1959 by Carnegie Treck Inc. (Keaney.) Developed.

This machine tool in the knife library with taps, drills, reamer, milling knives and other tools, according to the instructions of the piercing belt automatically select the tool, and through the manipulator to install the tool on the spindle, the workpiece processing.