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Advantages Of 3D Printing
- Dec 09, 2016 -

As people known for 3D printing, raster dimensional painting industry development in China, 3D printing has been applied to all walks of life. More and more people discover the advantages of stereo industry and potential, there are more and more people join stereo industry, let us look at some advantages of 3D printing product.
First, the 3D printed products can be a realistic representation of objects, has a strong sense of depth. Product clear and rich, vivid image and artistic depth.
Secondly, the 3D printing manuscripts tend to be design or landscape photograph into 3D printing choices for high quality coated paper and heat-resistant ink, gloss, bright colors, not easily fade.
Finally, the surface covered with a layer of smooth 3D printed products column mirror raster can directly watch panorama stereo effect, customers intuitive and direct view of the stereo picture perfect three-dimensional effect.