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3D Printing Technology Wide Application Range
- Dec 09, 2016 -

At present, the extremely wide range of applications of 3D printing technology, 3D dimensional picture increasingly good market prospects, it is no exaggeration to say, as long as there is used to place images, there will be d stereo printing technology comes in. Below, Super shadow 3D printed classified listing 3D printing technology is applied to a range of industries.
Business card: card cards, business cards, greeting cards, notebook cover, mouse pads, calendars, desk calendars and other types of packaging.
Small business: mobile phone screens, lighter texture textures, key chain maps, toys, decorative goods taste texture.
Advertising: outdoor, indoor advertising, posters, posters, counter dynamic advertising, signs, dimensional craft, card, stereoscopic postcards and other product advertising.
Photography: wedding photos, portraits, landscapes, scenic attractions, decorative paintings, religious paintings, all kinds of photographic products.
Interior: families, various commercial sites use decorative painting, wall paintings, screens and so on.
Solid product packaging: exquisite packaging, wine, cosmetics box, has a significant market share, business opportunities.
Product promotion: small crafts, discount cards, membership cards, VIP cards, promotional cards.
Exhibition: signs, images, display panels, signs and so on.
Toys: children draw cards, three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, and so on.
Tourism: tickets, reflecting local folk crafts.