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3D Printing Service Technological Development
- Oct 26, 2017 -

3D printing industry chain involves a lot of links, including 3D printer equipment manufacturers, 3D model software vendors, 3D printer service providers and 3D printing materials suppliers. So around the 3D printing industry chain will have a lot of opportunities. In the 3D printing industry chain, 3D Printing Service in addition to the emergence of large brands of manufacturers, there may be based on 3D printing services provided by the giant.

At present, China's 3D printing technology development faces many challenges, the overall emerging technology in the industrialization of the initial stage, mainly in: First, 3D Printing Service the scale of the industry is not high. Most of the 3D printing technology still stay in colleges and universities and research institutions in the laboratory, the enterprise scale is generally small. Second, the technical innovation system is not perfect. Innovation resources relative to the separation, standards, testing, 3D Printing Service research and development and other public service platform is lacking, has not yet established a combination of production and research technology innovation system. Third, the industrial policy system is not yet perfect. Lack of forward-looking, consistent, systematic industrial policy system, including development planning and taxation support policies. Fourth, 3D Printing Service the industry management needs to be strengthened; Fifth, education and training system need to strengthen.

From the medium term, with the traditional manufacturing technology to form a complementary. Compared with the traditional mode of production, 3D printing technology is indeed a major change, but now and in the near term do not have the ability to promote the third industrial revolution, 3D Printing Service it will not be the terminator of traditional manufacturing. The current 3D printing technology in the complex components, new product development, collaborative manufacturing and implementation of the advantages of creativity, the most ideal application is in the personalized or custom areas. Therefore, the near term can not completely replace the traditional manufacturing technology, 3D Printing Service should be complementary advantages.

Although 3D printing technology may revive the competitiveness of manufacturing in some developed countries, it is difficult to subvert the traditional manufacturing model in the short term. There are three reasons: First, 3D printing is only a new precision technology and information technology integration,3D Printing Service compared to the machine of large production, not an alternative relationship, but parallel and complementary relationship; Second, 3D printing raw materials are limited, Most products do not print out; Third, 3D Printing Service the high cost of personalized printing, it is difficult to achieve the traditional manufacturing methods of large quantities, low-cost manufacturing.

With the rise of "personal manufacturing", in the field of personal consumption, the 3D printing industry is expected to remain relatively high growth rate. 3D Printing Service Help to pull the personal use of desktop 3D printing equipment needs; also will promote the upstream print materials (mainly photosensitive resin and plastic-based) consumption.

In the field of industrial consumption, due to the continuous development of 3D printing metal materials, as well as the metal itself in industrial manufacturing widely used. 3D Printing Service Looking forward to the laser metal sintering as the main molding technology of 3D printing equipment, will be in the future industrial applications, access to relatively rapid development. In the short term, 3D Printing Service this area of application will still focus on product design and tool manufacturing links.