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3D Printing Service Perfect Design
- Aug 09, 2017 -

3D printing technology can withstand rigorous testing to ensure the consistency of the design and print model, 3D Printing Service and support designers to detect, adjust and modify the product design scheme.

3D printing hand can detect and perfect the design, 3D Printing Service the correct direction of the production of decision-making, to avoid opening the mold after the discovery of problems, resulting in huge losses.

3D printing technology can achieve a very structured, 3D Printing Service complex and accurate image, such as scaling up and shrinking, to get rid of the manual sludge mold production.

3D Print production building model and building sand table, 3D Printing Service efficiency can be increased by more than 90%, the cost can be reduced or flat,3D Printing Service in the odd shape of the building more accurate.

3D Printing service can be faster and cheaper, 3D Printing Service assist the prototype to make the model, its precision and craft more than hand-run.

Using medical imaging, 3D printing products include surgical aid guides, medical teaching models, 3D Printing Service tooth molds, porous bones implanted into the body, and knee prostheses.

3D printing technology greatly reduces the cost of car development and manufacturing. 3D Printing Service Printing products include auto parts, car model printing and post-processing coloring.

3D printing technology to shorten the entire product development cycle. 3D Printing Service Almost no constraints on the shape and structure of the part, including complex surfaces.

3D data has broken face or rotten surface. This is a very easy problem, 3D Printing Service especially for inexperienced designers or college students who design 3D digital models. Or we can tell the customer where there is a problem, let the customer change, but a lot of customers with broken data, will not change or change is not good, we need to help design, we can change, but took a lot of time to design staff,3D Printing Service and this 3D before the repair, customers are generally not willing to pay, so, faced with more than a broken face 3D printing items, we are very cautious.

There is no gap in the assembly surface of 3D data. 3D Printing Service The assembly face in advance to reserve clearance, leave clearance! Leave the Gap! Important thing to say three times! 3D printing does not leave the gap, the printed assembly is not assembled! Depending on the accuracy of different 3D printing process, the gap between assembling and reserving is different. For 100mm products, the assembly gap of the FDM process is 0.2mm, (of course, this parameter is the gap reservation for the FDM printer used within our benefit industry), 3D Printing Service and the SLA and SLS leave 0.1. This gap does not refer to machining clearances. Need to refer to 3D printing manufacturer's suggestion.

Individual data size is too small, the structure is less than 0.3mm, this is 3D printing, if you want to print, some very small structure will have to be removed, 3D Printing Service do not remove or print out. 3D Printing Service Some people say, looking for a jewelry-grade high-precision 3D printer can be achieved. I am sorry, perhaps high-precision jewelry machine can be known to do, 3D Printing Service but we often do industry-grade service equipment, really do not.