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3D Printing Service Necessity
- Jun 16, 2017 -

3Recently, the Tokyo-based printing giant Fuji Xerox (Fuji Xerox) issued a news that its plans later in China later this year, 3D Printing Service launched 3D printing business and cloud services. It is understood that Fuji Xerox is the Asia-Pacific region's largest office printer and document management solutions provider, 3D Printing Service the company hopes to expand the scope of business, the resources will be concentrated for more advanced technology products and services. A large part of this goal will come from the company's plan to enter the growing China market for the 3D printer market.

Now, Fuji Xerox is preparing to enter the Chinese mainland 3D printer market, the market will grow at an alarming rate. According to the IDC report, the total shipments of 3D printers in China are expected to reach 440,000 units by 2020 (77,000 units by 2015).

As the world's leading digital office solutions and document management service provider, Ricoh has entered the field of 3D printing from 2014, from the initial agent to 2015 officially launched its first own brand of 3D printer Ricoh AM S5500P - An industrial SLS 3D printer. Recently, Ricoh has developed an inkjet-based 3D printing technology. In addition to metal, this new process can also print other materials, like glass and ceramics.

Comprehensive information above, 3D print service has become a traditional office giant "smart office" concept product in an integral part. Coincides with the traditional office giants have combined with the Internet + concept to the direction of diversified development. 3D Printing Service Traditional office giants in addition to the original office equipment and related hardware services, the introduction of 3D printer products or combined with the Internet to provide cloud printing cloud platform services to extend the industrial chain, 3D Printing Service breaking the single business model an important attempt. At present, 3D printing technology is widely used in intelligent office, primary and secondary education, cultural design and prototype production and other fields. 3D printers, three-dimensional scanners and other equipment is becoming primary and secondary schools, the text of the industry, industrial design and other enterprises of office equipment necessities.