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3D Printing Service Materials Widely
- Nov 06, 2017 -

3D printer (equipment) will always cover the SLA, FDM, Polyjet, SLS and other mainstream 3D printing technology, supporting a wide range of materials, including ABS, 3D Printing Service rubber, photosensitive resin, metal, Objet Tango class rubber, Objet verowhite, and other materials.

Photosensitive resin processing Features: Smooth surface, can form thin-walled parts, material loss less, price concessions, can be directly colored!

ABS material is the most important industry commonly used materials, 3D Printing Service is also the 3D printing of the preferred material, the final product hardness, ductility and other plastic products are closest.

Objet digital materials, often including verowhite,3D Printing Service veroclear, etc., only for objet Conobjet connex™3d printing. This digital material is a composite that can predetermine mechanical properties. The digital material is made of two kinds of Objet materials. The two materials are synthesized with a special concentration and structure, thus possessing ideal mechanical properties, similar to the target material of the product.

Objet digital material processing features: smooth surface, high precision, can be in a product each part of the printing of different soft hardness of the material, 3D Printing Service without polishing, can be directly colored, but the price is expensive;

Metal processing characteristics: A complex product molding, molding product performance close to die-casting, casting and other process products, but high prices, 3D Printing Service suitable for large and medium-sized enterprise product testing and research.

The cost of 3D printing services is mainly composed of the following parts:

1. Printing time: The longer the model needs to print, the greater the cost of depreciation and maintenance;

2. Labor cost: Mainly employee's salary cost. 3D Printing Service After all, 3D printer is not fully automatic, need staff to manipulate, the model after processing also need to be done manually.

3. Types of raw materials: plastic, nylon, metal, resin, materials, prices are different.

Further, different 3D printing technology, its price composition is also different

FDM technology is the most common 3D printing technology, its pricing method is also the simplest, usually with a cubic centimeter or cubic inch material prices, 3D Printing Service materials including models and support required. Depending on the model used, this part of the offer is also different, some models support the use of different materials for models and support, thus saving the amount of main material. Empty solid models also have an impact on quotes, and the solid model obviously requires more material. 3D Printing Service In addition, the support of the design will affect the amount of material.

The price calculation method of SLS technology usually has two kinds, one is based on the total amount of powder used, and the other is calculated according to the volume of the cylinder that the print model occupies. 3D Printing Service If the model is small and dense, it is better to choose the latter, but if the model occupies a large space, but the conversion volume is small, then obviously the former is more suitable.