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3D Printing Service Involves A Lot Of Links
- Jun 02, 2017 -

3D printing industry chain involves a number of links, including 3D printer equipment manufacturers, 3D model software vendors, 3D printer service providers and 3D printing materials suppliers. Therefore, the industry chain around 3D Printing will generate many opportunities. In the 3D printing industry chain, in addition to the emergence of large brands of manufacturers, 3D Printing Service there is also the possibility of a 3D printing services based giants. The following two examples illustrate the innovation of 3D printing services.

Instead of selling printers directly, Shapeways companies have moved the "full value chain" online through social networks. Users in the site after registration, not only their products can be designed to upload to the site, can also buy the existing 3D design drawings, and then select and buy raw materials, you can place a single, the company will print out the finished goods door-to-door. 3D Printing Service In addition, users can display and sell products online and sell them to others. At present, the company has nearly 150,000 platform members, more than more than 6,000 designers, to June 20, 2012, has printed $number 3D products, the most popular is jewelry, iphone phone sets and toy trains.

Quirky company is characterized by crowdsourcing: through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the company receives the product design ideas submitted by the public and comments and votes by the company's registered users, so that each week the selection of a product for 3D printing production, participation in product design and revision process of the crowdsourcing staff can share 30% of turnover. 3D Printing Service The key to quirky's model is to provide an excellent platform for inventors to turn their ideas into objects, and to sell them by quirky themselves and many e-commerce platforms, including Amazon.

At present, the development of 3D printing technology in China faces many challenges, which is in the initial stage of industrialization of emerging technology, mainly in: first, the scale of industry is not high. Most of the 3D printing technology still stays in the laboratories of universities and research institutes, and the scale of enterprises is generally small. Second, the technology innovation system is not perfect. 3D Printing Service The relative segmentation of innovative resources, the lack of public service platforms such as standard, test, research and development, has not yet established a technological innovation system combining production and production. Third, the industrial policy system has not yet been perfected. Lack of forward-looking, consistent, systematic industrial policy system, including development planning and fiscal and tax support policies. Four, 3D Printing Service the industry management needs to be strengthened; the education and training system needs to be strengthened urgently.

In the medium term, it complements traditional manufacturing technologies. Compared with traditional production methods, 3D printing technology is indeed a major change, but currently and in the near term do not have the ability to promote the third industrial revolution, nor will it be the end of traditional manufacturing. The present 3D printing technology has the advantage in the complex component, 3D Printing Service the new product development, the collaborative manufacture and realizes the creativity, the ideal application is in the personalization or the customization domain. Therefore, in the near-term can not completely replace the traditional manufacturing technology, should be complementary.

3D printing technology may revive some of the developed world's manufacturing competitiveness, but in the short term it is difficult to subvert the traditional manufacturing model. There are three reasons: one is that 3D printing is just a combination of new precision technology and information technology, 3D Printing Service compared with the machine production, is not the substitution relationship, but the parallel and complementary relationship; second, 3D Printing raw Materials Limited, decided that the vast majority of products can not print out; third, personalized printing costs extremely high, it is difficult to achieve the traditional manufacturing methods of High-volume, Low-cost manufacturing.

In the field of industrial consumption, the continuous development of 3D printing materials and the wide application of metal itself in industrial manufacturing. Forward-looking prediction, laser metal sintering as the main molding technology of 3D printing equipment, 3D Printing Service will be in the future industrial applications, to obtain relatively rapid development. In the short and medium term, the application of this field will still focus on product design and tool manufacturing.