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3D Printing Service Easy To Encounter Problems
- Jun 30, 2017 -

1,3D data is broken or rotten. This is a very easy to encounter problems, especially the lack of experience of the designer or college students design 3D digital model, 3D Printing Service often this problem. Or we will tell the customer where there is a problem, so that customers change, but there is a lot of broken data customers, will not change or change is not good, we need to help design, 3D Printing Service we can really change, but take up a lot of time designers , And this 3D print before the repair, the customer is generally not willing to pay, so, encountered more broken 3D printing items, we are also very cautious access.

2,3D data assembly surface without leaving gaps. Assembly face in advance to reserve the gap, leaving the gap! Stay gap! Important thing to say three times! 3D print without gaps, print out the assembly can not be assembled! Depending on the accuracy of the different 3D printing process, the gap reserved for the assembly is not the same. Take the 100mm product, the FDM process assembly gap in the unilateral 0.2mm (of course, this parameter is our public use within the industry FDM printer gap reserved), SLA and SLS can be 0.1. 3D Printing Service This gap can not refer to the machining gap. Need to refer to the recommendations of 3D printing manufacturers.

3, the individual data size is too small, the structure is less than 0.3mm, this is not 3D print out, if you want to print, some very small structure had to remove, 3D Printing Service do not remove also print out. Some people say that looking for jewelry-level high-precision 3D printer can be achieved ah. Really sorry, maybe high-precision jewelry machine can be done, but we often used to do industrial-grade service equipment, really can not.

3D printing materials on the market no less than dozens, but in the industrial field, the most commonly used materials, only a few.

We use the most is the ABS material. Perhaps because of the circle in Dalian mold circle, the service customers are research and development or mold category, the toughness of the prototype material and strength have certain requirements. ABS material has a balanced performance indicators, 3D Printing Service and the surface easy to polish, can withstand temperature, easy to polish, paint and other post-processing, product prototyping is the preferred material. And ABS has a good performance of acetone dissolved in the production of large products, 3D Printing Service can be printed in sections, dissolved with acetone to ensure the accuracy and deformation.

Second, the commonly used photosensitive resin, this material can only be used in the SLA equipment, is an industrial grade material, with good fine structure forming capacity and smooth appearance, the biggest problem is the temperature problems and toughness is poor. However, in recent years there have been 80 degrees of light-sensitive materials and tough materials, but also to solve some high-precision product printing problems, 3D Printing Service we apply in the precision electronics industry, and achieved good results.

And then the special materials, such as customer requirements of materials Naisuan Jian, we use PETG or PC, transparent surface requirements, the general will use PMMA or PC, 3D Printing Service there is a need for high temperature, we will use POM material, the choice of CNC processing The

Of course there are customers looking for us to print metal. We will ask the customer how much the budget is. On the one hand because the cost of metal printing is still high, the basic are thousands or million units for settlement, on the other hand, in fact, many products do not need metal printing, 3D Printing Service with traditional processing can be completed.

Do 3D print this line, in fact, many people have not done mechanical processing, do not understand the traditional processing and manufacturing, but the magic of 3D printing to attract over, coupled with the media speculation, the government's attention, and thus enter the industry. In fact, 3D Printing Service if you do industrial 3D printing technology services, we must understand the traditional processing, at least to know the customer to provide the drawings, with the traditional processing methods, whether it can be produced, the cost is roughly how much to determine the use of 3D print production, whether valuable. 3D Printing Service Some people are as long as there are products, indiscriminate, are selected to use 3D printing, in fact, according to the different needs of the product testing, cost, 3D Printing Service material and other specific issues, need to choose a variety of processing methods, such as the same ABS material, we can use CNC machining , Can also be used FDM processing, the key is what the specific needs of the prototype production.