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What are computer peripheral devices? Common computer peripherals
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Computer has lots of external devices, commonly used external devices main Pack of trichosanthes kirilowii printers, scanners, mobile hard disk, u disk and handwriting boards. By using these external devices can better help users to related actions.

1, printer
 Printer is one of the most common output devices, mainly used to print information such as text, graphics, and images on your computer.
 Printers there are many kinds, work may be classified as dot matrix printer, inkjet printer and laser printer 3. Dot matrix printer through printer print character graphics and paper physical contact, and two are by spraying a toner to print the image.

2, scanner
 Scanner is a commonly used input devices, using a scanner you can text and without eight directly to several forms stored in the computer.
 According to the scanner scans media and the use of different scanners on the market today is largely divided into: flat-plate scanner, business card scanner, film scanner, sheet-fed scanner, document scanner, and so on. In addition to handheld scanners, drum scanners, pen scanners, scanners and 3D scanners in kind. One of the most common are flat bed scanners and hand-held scanners. Particularly suitable to carry, anywhere, easily exchanging data is the ideal mobile office and Exchange data storage products.

USB uses standard USB access door, now usually with USB2.0 standard, storage capacity than in the 2GB, can be up to 100GB.

3, removable storage device
 The removable storage device is convenient for people to back up your data and Exchange storage, versatility, storage capacity, small size, easy to carry and so on. Common mobile storage device HDD, USB flash drive and memory card, and so on, most of them spectacular, E-SATA doors or IEEE1394 interface with USB interface, with a variety of some of the equipment at the same time.