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Raspberry versions what's the difference?
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Raspberry pie with one ARM architecture produced in 700MHz Broadcom BCM2835 processor, 256MB (type b has been upgraded to 512MB), using a SD card as storage media, and has an Ethernet interface, two USB, and HDMI (supports sound output) and the RCA terminals output support. Operating systems with open source Linux systems, such as Debian, ArchLinux, Iceweasel, KOffice software. Points a and b models, respectively, at the is-$ 25 a, b-$ 35.
 Raspberry pie interface reference

Raspberry pie difference between type a and type b

Type a built-in 256MB memory of raspberry pie, with a USB port, with no network interfaces.

Raspberry pie type b built-in 512MB memory, two USB ports, with 100M wired network interface.

Note: before October 15, 2012 version of the b-type machines and 256MB of RAM.

Raspberry pie the difference between b-and b +-

July 2014, "raspberry B+" release, still like the BCM2835 and raspberry pie on the same system. Memory is still 512MB, but improvements have been made in the following key components:
 More GPIO pins 40 pins! (Old version is 26-pin)

More USB interfaces, 2 more than the older version, 4! And hot-pluggable and overcurrent protection had improved.

Replace the old SD with Micro SD socket socket.

Lower power consumption reduces power consumption 0.5~1W.

Optimization of audio, audio circuit uses a special low noise power.

More concise form, B+ version of USB interfaces and align the edge of the circuit board, remove AV interface and do the 4 fixing holes on the motherboard, easily fixed.

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