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Raspberry introduction to working with Pi
- Dec 09, 2016 -

You need these things:
 An SD memory card
 A SD card reader, used to write the image to the SD card power supply source. We are using an older Android phone charger, charger for micro USB interface you need a 5V power supply for it.
 If you are using ordinary monitors instead of HDTV, you will need a HDMI connector with a HDMI-DVI converter. If your monitor supports HDMI TV or you intend to use to connect, then you can save them were converters.
 USB keyboard and mouse interface
 One Ethernet network cable

Optional equipment:
 Used to protect the box of Raspberry Pi
 Other than the keyboard and mouse, if you plan to connect more USB devices, you need a USB Hub to a hub.
 The things we use in this article:
 A Model b Raspberry Pi
 A 16GB Class 10 SanDisk Ultra SDHC memory card (transfer rate is marked as 300MB/s)
 An old charger for HTC Inspire
 Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard set K260 (two with only one receiver, therefore occupies only one USB port)
 A RJ-45 network cable

Set up
 When you put it all ready, we can start to set Raspberry Pi

Raspbian in the install image to the SD card
 Raspberry Pi has been out for some time now, and because of this, whether you use Windows, Mac OS x, or Linux, there are several ways to write the Raspbian image to your SD card. However in order to make this article into articles that describe various writes the software, we will show you the most common methods: in OS x and we will use Linux systems the DD tool written in Windows, we will use a tool called Win32DiskImager.
 In order to make the process simple, we recommend that before you begin to operate, first download folder empty. Then, download it from here In it, choose the latest Raspbian to download. Of course, you can also choose to use BT to download, in order to allow others to use BT to download, we recommend that you continue to upload after download is completed.

After decompress the compressed file, you will get the Raspbian image file, open a Terminal window at this time. If you are using OS x 10.7 or higher, you can, from the application of tools (10.7), or other (10.8), found in the Terminal window. After opening, use the "CD ~/Downloads" into the download folder.