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Raspberries can be overclocked?
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Most of the raspberry pie, safe and stable operation at 800MHz. Use the latest version of the Raspbian system, you can boot for the first time, or any time you like (running the raspi-config command) modify overclocking settings for the system, and will not make the raspberry pie out of warranty. Please note that overclocking is limited, not all the raspberry pie, highest overclocking options are supported. If you overclocked your system unstable, set the frequency down.
 Raspberry pie can break it?
 OK. We are using virtual experiments to validate this point--in order to "do not have any raspberry pie was hurt in the process." (Note: the "Will it blend?" Is the United States a juicer is brand advertising. Juicer minced Rubik's cube, in the ad tapes, bats and even the iPhone, iPad and other goods, propaganda machine is firm and reliable. The ads in the United States is known for popular topics. )