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New concept of 3D printing
- Dec 09, 2016 -

A three-dimensional effect poster, a beautiful 3D postcard, a Creative 3D design will attract you stopped to watch. Today we are going to talk about this, and it's interesting to you, is now quite popular, customer demand is bullish for 3D printing.
3D printing is a special 3D printing technologies, on the back of raster image, and make the image raster itself the icing, the naked eye can be observed in the two-dimensional graphic image directly on the three-dimensional image. 3D printing technology content is high, very good publicity, can bring the technology owner of high added value.
The "stereo" comes from the concept of special materials used in printing. Clean optical plastic is extruded into sheets, sheet surface has a series of structural parameters and the grating of identical size, depending on the application, frequency distribution of grating available in 10-200 lines/inch in the surface of the sheet, grating sheet thickness of 0.008-0.385 inches, back of the sheet is smooth, and can be used as a printing surface. This unique structure can render many magical effects, and images to high resolution printed on the back of raster. As the viewing angle changes, people's left and right eye can be observed from different angles, forming two eye Visual differences, composition of images to the brain, they have a sense of perspective and sense of depth
To make 3D printing project goes well, publishers need to work harder during the prepress process. Suggested here looking for an experienced technical staff in stereoscopic image processing, he will teach you many techniques, such as background images and concise, avoiding red with green and blue with the yellow, black and white situation, avoid using vertical or horizontal lines, changes to minor, and so on.
The software currently on the market there are many stereo images, some software can download for free on the Internet, some software you will need to pay. "Some advanced options in the software can make grating and the printed image to achieve a perfect match. "Members are more familiar with manufacturers including HumanEyes 3D printing software company, such as Photo Illusion. HumanEyes company recently introducing its PrintPro 2.0 stereoscopic software solutions and software innovation Creative3D. Creative3D is a three-dimensional design tool using its three dimensional designs that can be personalized. Same Photo Illusion companies can offer similar software.
Production process, the printer needs to use the software for prepress, and should have enough space on your computer to store the end of large data files. In addition, the accuracy of the prepress and printing equipment must also be very high. Printers can use the sheet-fed offset presses (with UV capabilities, are more suitable for Stereo-Lithography), you can also use a digital offset press. KBA Genius 52 UV presses, its maximum printing area digital duplicator 360mmx520mm maximum print speeds of up to 8000 sheets per hour. The wide range of printed materials optional (0.06-0.8mm), as a result of waterless offset printing technology, greatly reducing preparation time, improves the printing quality.
In addition to printing equipment, printing also requires special grating material, different situations require different size. For example: 70 line/inches, and 75 line/inches, and 80 line/inches, and 100 line/inches of grating is most popular of, applies Yu 3D postcards, and 3D card, small size image of making; 60 line/inches, and 62 line/inches of grating applies Yu near distance observation of small size image or observation distance for 0.3-3M of sharply surface image; 40 line/inches of grating is for indoor of application and development, also can application Yu four open above to outside format of print, three dimensional effect very ideal; 20 line Per inch gratings are developed for large-scale outdoor advertising, also can be used in indoor advertising products, and its three-dimensional effect is also very good, observe a distance of 1.5-6m.