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Characteristics of raspberry pie
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Raspberry pie features: has a strong operational performance, and ease of use of open source hardware.

Raspberry pie is a fully functional mini computer, a complete computer with one function, raspberry pie all have (become smaller in size). Raspberry pie in addition to traditional embedded network video monitoring, network sensing, audio decoder, and so on, but can complete the video decoding, machine vision, 3D games, and so on.

First of all, already have programming, direct use raspberry pie is complete. If there is no hardware/software programming or want to play, it is recommended that starting from Arduino, microcontroller or PC programming learning.

For the DIYer or aficionado, raspberry pie is an excellent thing. Because, don't need to spend too much time to get surprising results. Program can refer to Linux programming tutorial on the PC, network protocols, graphics libraries, these are readily available, save a lot of trouble. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages, while raspberries are open source hardware, but in fact it's Bootloader and kernel data sheet at the bottom is closed-source. This has no effect for application development, but if you want to learn ARM Linux Foundation through the development of these, is not suitable for.

In addition, if you want to mass production, generally speaking, the raspberry-based programme costs will be higher than the traditional single-chip solution.